Customized solutions designed to meet the needs of each client

Petroline is able to develop projects, according to the needs of its customers. These projects are designed to satisfy the needs of control and management of different fluids, in industrial, productive installations, in remote and inaccessible geographical areas, etc. We have qualified engineers and technicians, with the competences that allow to realize installations from the projection in 3d until the certification before the pertinent organisms.


Double-walled Oil pond

Project carried out in the seventh region, with the use of a double-walled oil tank of 4,000 L Slim, that allows to supply the equipment and machinery of the company, with very little use of the spaces, which allows to optimize the layout and to get the maximum Benefit to the facilities.

Semimobile Lubricants

Project involving mobile lubricant solutions for the large-scale mining industry. The work was done with 3d modeling and planimetry own for each project, taking care of every detail according to the needs of the client.

In addition it presented:

  • Manufacturing according to national and international standards
  • Welding and Materials Certification
  • Certified Leak Testing
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